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The Three Pillars of I.F.M.C.H
To improve Maternity & Neonatal health in the developing world especially Pakistan
To train Doctors, Midwives nurses, Lady Health Workers & Healthcare Provider to provide safe and good quality care to the population
Education of the Masses: Addressing and rectifying problems at the Grass root level is what we aim for, and for this we want to educate the masses about healthy living.
- Knowledge only comes from Education

Geo TV Coverage I.F.M.C.H Hospital Project

I.F.M.C.H Hospital Project

Hospital Plan
fl140.jpg fl141.jpg fl142.jpg fl143.jpg

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Launching of OPD at IFMCH Site
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I.F.M.C.H Hospital Project
Proposed Model of First Free Mother and Child Hospital of International Standard in Mirpur Sakro Pakistan

IFMCH100.jpg IFMCH101.jpg IFMCH102.jpg IFMCH103.jpg IFMCH104.jpg IFMCH105.jpg IFMCH106.jpg IFMCH107.jpg IFMCH108.jpg IFMCH109.jpg IFMCH110.jpg IFMCH111.jpg IFMCH112.jpg IFMCH113.jpg IFMCH114.jpg IFMCH115.jpg IFMCH116.jpg IFMCH117.jpg IFMCH124.jpg IFMCH125.jpg IFMCH129.jpg IFMCH130.jpg IFMCH131.jpg IFMCH132.jpg IFMCH133.jpg IFMCH134.jpg

19th December 2012 Free Dental Clinic at IFMCH Site
pic-001.jpg pic-002.jpg pic-003.jpg pic-004.jpg pic-005.jpg pic-006.jpg pic-007.jpg pic-008.jpg pic-009.jpg pic-010.jpg pic-011.jpg pic-012.jpg

Awareness programme - Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Providers
20th December 2012 - Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre, Karachi

IMG_20121220_111058.jpg IMG_20121220_111130.jpg IMG_20121220_111135.jpg IMG_20121220_111144.jpg IMG_20121220_111149.jpg IMG_20121220_111157.jpg IMG_20121220_111207.jpg IMG_20121220_113232.jpg IMG_20121220_113611.jpg IMG_20121220_113725.jpg IMG_20121220_113729.jpg IMG_20121220_113737.jpg IMG_20121220_113832.jpg IMG_20121220_113927.jpg IMG_20121220_113936.jpg IMG_20121220_113940.jpg IMG_20121220_114317.jpg IMG_20121220_114332.jpg IMG_20121220_114353.jpg IMG_20121220_114755.jpg IMG_20121220_114806.jpg IMG_20121220_114812.jpg IMG_20121220_114817.jpg IMG_20121220_114826.jpg IMG_20121220_114831.jpg IMG_20121220_114922.jpg IMG_20121220_114928.jpg IMG_20121220_114935.jpg IMG_20121220_114940.jpg IMG_20121220_114947.jpg IMG_20121220_115045.jpg IMG_20121220_115212.jpg IMG_20121220_115225.jpg IMG_20121220_115433.jpg IMG_20121220_115443.jpg IMG_20121220_115448.jpg IMG_20121220_115453.jpg IMG_20121220_115500.jpg IMG_20121220_115514.jpg IMG_20121220_115521.jpg IMG_20121220_115530.jpg IMG_20121220_115538.jpg IMG_20121220_115706.jpg IMG_20121220_115711.jpg IMG_20121220_115713.jpg IMG_20121220_115740.jpg IMG_20121220_120042.jpg

17th December 2012 - Al Mustafa Trust, Islamabad
DSCN0618.jpg DSCN0619.jpg DSCN0620.jpg DSCN0621.jpg DSCN0624.jpg DSCN0625.jpg DSCN0626.jpg DSCN0628.jpg DSCN0629.jpg DSCN0630.jpg DSCN0632.jpg
Charity Fusion Asia Fashion Show - September 2012
Designers Yousuf Bashir Qureshi and Umar Mansoor.
Proposed to commence the program

The aim of our awareness programme is to educate and empower women to make right choices regarding their health.

The Awareness programme is for women of all classes, for all reces, all culture and all religion. It aims for the women of the 21st Century to be educated and take control.

The Awareness programme includes Topical issues relating to Prenatal / Antenatal period, Labour and Post Natal period, Gynaecological issues, Female Cancers, Cervical and Breast Cancers, Menopause and its' effects.

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