I.F.M.C.H Awareness Program

Proposed to commence the program
The aim of our awareness programme is to educate and empower women to make right choices regarding their health.

The Awareness programme is for women of all classes, for all reces, all culture and all religion. It aims for the women of the 21st Century to be educated and take control.

The Awareness programme includes Topical issues relating to Prenatal / Antenatal period, Labour and Post Natal period, Gynaecological issues, Female Cancers, Cervical and Breast Cancers, Menopause and its’ effects.

Further to it, we aim to target the mothers to be, and we shall focus on three target groups, they are:

  1. Girls in their 16/18 doing A level/ intermediate exams
  2. Girls 18/21 years doing Bachelor degrees
    Young parents
  3. The first two ( 1 & 2 ) groups will be targeted through their respective educational institutions.

A qualified obstetrician / gynaecologist will undertake 6 monthly visits to various institutions and each girl will have a unique card with her details so that I.F.M.C.H can monitor her health on a very regular basis.

Topics that would be covered for 16/18 year young ladies:

  • Basic healthy life style and its effects
  • Need of physical exercise and it’s effect on health / cardiovascular system
  • Obesity and its effect on female health (menstrual problems, infertility etc)
  • Big checks – Teach self breast examination, importance for regular breast examination Rubella vaccination

Young Parents:

  • To visit primary schools and involve parents of young children’s
  • To involve husband to look after the mother
  • To know sign and symptoms of abnormality during pregnancy
  • Contraception’s
  • Importance of spacing in between conceptions
  • Healthy life style
  • Breast feeding
  • Cervical screening
  • To identify sign and symptoms of obesity in children
  • To identify sign and symptoms of learning difficulty or psychiatric disorder
  • (dyslexia, asperger etc)

Topic that would be covered for 18/21 year young ladies:

  • All of the above that are mentioned in for the 16/18 years of age.
  • Importance of optimising prenatal health condition.
  • Rubella vaccination
  • Check Haemoglobin and to treat anemia if needed
  • Importance of healthy life style
  • Importance of breast feeding
  • Breast feeding techniques
  • Control weight gain during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain
  • Disadvantage of excessive weight gain during pregnancy and its health hazards
  • Prenatal /antenatal exercise
  • Importance of spacing between pregnancies
  • Importance and methods of contraception