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10 Super Healthy Foods for your Baby

Now that you are done taking good care of your diet during pregnancy to keep your baby healthy and active in your womb, it is time to take care of your baby’s diet yet again. Always talk to your doctor before introducing solid food because babies grow at different rates.…...

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6 Health Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Babies

Olive oil is among the superstar of oils. Health benefits of olive oil are no secret. It is in fact a treasure chest full of health benefit golds. You must have probably heard of how good it is for skin, hair and health but did you know olive oil also…...

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Reasons your Baby Spits Up and its Solution

Did you know 50% of 0 to 3-month-old babies spit up at least once a day? And most of the babies will completely stop spitting up by 12 months. Babies spitting up is not so uncommon for mothers. If you are a mother, you probably have had wiped away the…...

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Postnatal Care:7 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

While you have indulged in a lot of food and cravings during pregnancy, you have to keep away from certain foods when you breastfeed after pregnancy. Now is the time when you need to force yourself  NOT to listen to your taste buds. As soon as your baby comes into…...

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5 Useful Tips to Care for Baby Skin

We all adore baby skin and simply wish we have them again. Baby skin is silky, smooth, soft and free of all marks. To take care of baby’s skin, remember less is best. The lesser you touch it or the lesser you wipe it, the better. We all love stroking…...

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8 Food Cravings during Pregnancy and What Do They Indicate

You probably must have seen pregnancy cravings in movies and commercials and you think they are too dramatized and blown out of proportion for entertainment purpose. No, cravings are for real. They are no joke. About 50 to 90 percent of pregnant ladies out there are hit with cravings of…...

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8 Amazing Benefits of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Are you planning to get pregnant? You can begin taking folic acid supplement or a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid. The right nutrients and vitamins are extremely important for a healthy baby without any defects. Your diet has an important role to play when it comes to pregnancy. You…...

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6 Strategies to Discipline Your Toddler

Parenting is surely one of the toughest jobs on earth. Parenting means a lot of things including disciplining your toddler. It is kind of a test that never ends between you and your child. How do you go about disciplining your toddler? For most of the parents out there, it…...

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6 Habits You Can Learn From Your Toddler

You may be the one leading your toddler but even your toddler can teach you quite some lessons about life. A toddler teaching you anything may sound off but they can. Yes, you are the one teaching them everything from the scratch and whatever they know is all because of…...

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Newborn Care: Basics of Baby proofing your House

No, your child doesn’t take forever to become mobile. He will become mobile before you know. Rather than waiting for the time he begins crawling, baby proof your house beforehand. Get to the level of your baby and stoop low to see the world the way he sees it. You…...

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