The International foundation for Mother and Child Health gained its official title as a registered charity 9 years ago in 2008 and has been steadily growing since, however has its beginnings much earlier. It was founded by Dr Saleem Khan who gained insight and interest into the desperate situations faced by pregnant mothers and their children after visiting the site of the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005.

  • In 2005 Dr Khan set up medical labour, antenatal and postnatal tents to assist deliveries of babies in a safe and cleaner environment amongst the destruction. In one month, the team successfully delivered 100 infants.
  • After seeing the demand and success of the small operation, with funding from Impact UK, Dr Khan and his team designed and set up 16 additional delivery units in Kashmir spanning 75km of the Earthquake site.
  • On a re-visit to the delivery units in 2007, Dr Khan delivered an extensive 1-week training for Lady Health workers in the region. This was followed by a top up 1-1 training and support across all 16 units another year later in 2008.
  • By 2008 The International foundation for Mother and Child Health was an officially registered Charity in England and Wales and by 2009 the first executive board was elected to ensure effective governance of the organisation.

Since it’s establishment IFMCH has been going from strength to strength, and is now a registered charity in the USA and Pakistan, working tirelessly to provide good practise and free medical assistance to women and children worldwide.