To set State of Art Maternity and Neonatal hospital which will serve as a tertiary referring centre to the neighbouring hospitals and maternity units.
In the next 15 years to set up 10-12 maternity units which will be run by I.F.M.C.H trained specialist  to set up around 100 delivery units across the rural areas of Pakistan which will be run by the traditional birth attendant lady health workers and midwives, however, the service provision will be monitored by the I.F.M.C.H team.

The vision is to provide good quality maternity and neonatal service at all levels of provision and all care providers providing standardised care to the population which will help to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Pakistan.

Based on the The Three Pillars, the aim is to set up state of art maternity and neonatal hospital which will be TOTALLY FREE and will have a distinctly visible NO REFUSAL POLICY.

At a later stage a network of autonomous satellite units will be set up, run by I.F.M.C.H trained specialists by giving training to health professionals selected from different areas in the country.

Under the supervision of I.F.M.C.H maternity units of different sizes will be organized all over the country in the next 15 years, which will provide the highest possible maternity and neonatal care by following the frame works and ethics prescribed by I.F.M.C.H. These units will be monitored closely and regularly in order to provide Quality Maternity Services based on the guidelines of American College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (RCOG) UK modified according to the local facilities and customs. Further more all patients will be seen by the consultants/specialist at least once followed by care plan for the pregnancy.

In addition to the above,  the following will also be the Standard Operating Procedures:
To standardized the service provision, Complete Accountability, Regular assessments, Quality control, Regular training for the staff by overseas visiting Consultants, Guideline and protocols as per International standards, All treatment modalities will be evidence based, Standardized Care, Care of the patients will be monitored regularly in the form of quarterly audits and completing the audit cycle.

Awareness: Organized and conduct dedicated teaching sessions for general public involving Hygiene, Healthy life style, Information about sexually transmitted diseases, Sexual education, Cervical screening programme, Family planning group sessions, Care of the new born, Breast feeding, Hygiene of the new born, Self breast examination for screening of breast cancer, Awareness about sexually transmitted infections.

The Three Pillars of I.F.M.C.H.

  • To improve Maternity & Neonatal health in the developing world especially Pakistan
  • To train Doctors, Midwives nurses, Lady Health Workers & Healthcare Provider to provide safe and good quality care to the population
  • Education of the Masses: Addressing and rectifying problems at the Grass root level is what we aim for, and for this we want to educate the masses about healthy living.

-Knowledge only comes from Education